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Forward-looking corporations seek to be social enterprises! Millennials are increasingly driven by higher-order benefits as employees and consumers. Soceana seeks to address this paradigm shift through an online platform for corporations to interact with their counterparts – Nonprofits, Volunteers and Philanthropists. These interactions create a 'network effect' that magnifies the social good generated.

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Our platform supports Corporate Social responsibility, Marketing and Human Resources functions through a 3 M Process - Match, Measure, Motivate. Soceana improves employee volunteerism through matching employees to roles that best fit their interests and skills. We enhance corporate marketing by providing data metrics of employee volunteering and giving for Annual Reports and 10Ks. We improve employee retention through features such as employee-led event planning, social networking and predictive analytics. The social interactions on our platform are powered by a novel social currency – philas – that bridges volunteering hours and charitable contributions. This patent-pending system provides a super-incentive for volunteers to pay it forward. The digital currency may be earned, stored and gifted to social causes of their choice. It creates a ‘multiplier effect’ for every dollar donated, linking those with resources to give with those with time to volunteer.

Linking volunteerism and philanthropy will democratize giving. Philas, keep track of not only the corporations or billionaire philanthropists making pledges, but also the average Americans donating their time and money to social good. The novel currency will empower the 65 million Americans who volunteer eight billion hours every year, while increasing the impact of the $250 billion of charitable giving.

We have assembled a world-class team with the millennial mindset and experience to deliver on the promise of Soceana. We pursue our mission with the support of knowledgeable advisors, strategic partners, impact investors, and CSR departments of large corporations.

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