Millennials are increasingly driven toward both products and employers that promote social impact. Reputation Institute shows 73% of consumers strongly desire more long-term CSR. Gallup shows 70% of workers feel disengaged. Soceana is the game-changer; both mobile and web tools have been created through Soceana to address this change by helping companies better manage and promote social good. Soceana creates a central hub for key data analytics, personalized skills-based matching, and an engagement platform. It’s almost like a Facebook with its employee-led event planning and photo-upload features meets LinkedIn with its messaging and professional development all tied together with data analytics to create a unique product in a thriving space. Soceana will truly improve brand loyalty, increase employee satisfaction, and generate social good.


SOCEANA seeks to generate social good by creating a vibrant community of volunteers, nonprofits, philanthropists and corporations.

Sixty five million Americans volunteer every year, whether this be at local hospitals, educating children in underprivileged areas, or providing medical support through NGOs in other continents. Altruism comes naturally to Americans, and we collectively give $250 billion in charitable contributions directly or indirectly. Soceana is an attempt to integrate these two forms of doing good using social media technologies and a novel social currency -- philas. Through Soceana, both volunteers and donors will have access to a simple and easy-to-use interface where they can work together to generate social good. Corporations and nonprofits can leverage this community to multiply the impact of their investments and efforts.

The new social currency - philas - will enable donors to make pledges with conditions for volunteers to meet. Each volunteer will earn philas for the hours contributed. The volunteer can then choose to gift it to a charitable organization, thereby unlocking the funds pledged by the philanthropist. The increased impact through this novel method incents the volunteers to give more time; the gamification and the collective efforts make it fun to do social good. We believe that the ability to direct the funds purposefully would attract more philanthropists to commit more dollars to causes they care about.

Soceana has a patent-pending for the unique methods it has developed to implement this novel system for generating social good. We are currently working with financial institutions to deliver a seamless system that works across corporations and nonprofits.


New volunteers, current volunteers and nonprofits/organizations all gain through using Soceana as a standard.


Non-Profit Organizations

1. Streamlined mechanism of recording volunteers' service time
2. Data Metrics and Analytics to better understand market trends and organizational impact
3. Personalized Skills-Based Matching for better organization exposure and well-aligned, dedicated volunteers
4. Engagement Platform for organizing events, enhanced communication, and event showcasing


1. Central Hub for logging and tracking volunteer hours
2. Data Metrics to better understand personal volunteer trends, preferences, and impact
3. Personalized Skills-Based Matching for better service alignment and engagement
4. Engagement Platform similar to social network for organizing events, bettered communication, and way to share memories

Profit-Driven Company
1. Data Metrics and Analytics to measure firm’s social impact for 10Ks and annual reports as well as to increase brand and consumer loyalty
2. Personalized Skills-Based Matching for increased employee satisfaction and transferable skill build
3. Engagement Platform for showcasing service involvement and bettering communication streams within office space
4. ngagement Platform also enables both employee-led and inter-company event planning leading to increased employee retention and bettered inter-company networks and relationships


Volunteers can forget the days of searching endlessly for desirable service opportunities. With Soceana, volunteers receive a way to find opportunities that align best with their individual skills so that they can make genuine contributions to communities and take part in a more rewarding volunteer experience. Soceana also creates a central hub for volunteering where individuals can use data metrics that measure the difference they have made by tracking their hours over time as well as the breakdown of the types of organizations they’re driven toward. Soceana will also enable volunteers to build communities among colleagues through employee-led event planning and provide an enhanced mechanism of communication. Volunteers can even preserve the highlights of their service experiences and other memories through photo-upload features and other interactive elements. Soceana helps facilitate truly memorable volunteering.


Not-For-Profit Organizations can truly impact the community with the vision they were built on, especially with the facilitation of Soceana. Soceana enables measurement of Social Impact through data metrics that demonstrate both the good created by the organization as well as provides better market knowledge such as seeing volunteer trends in demographic or time-period changes. Additionally, Soceana provides a new channel of increased exposure through both being on the main volunteer matching-database as well as through event advertising on the site. Also, Soceana provides not only increased quantity, but also quality of volunteers through skills-based matching. Soceana really does provide a great venue for connecting with leaders in community and showcasing upcoming events through the messaging system as well as a bettered communication platform with volunteers and other nonprofits for events and collaborations. Soceana really helps nonprofits accelerate social good and continue to make a huge impact in the community.


Profit Companies really boost and better their Corporate Social Responsibility through Soceana. By allowing both their employees to create profiles on Soceana as well as the company as a whole, companies are able to measure the social impact created by their firm through great data metrics and analytics that can be used in 10Ks, Annual Reports, etc. Furthermore, companies can have more cause-related marketing initiatives by sponsoring nonprofits as well as working more closely with similarly-minded nonprofit organizations. Also, through the skills-based matching, Soceana improves employee satisfaction by matching employees with roles that best align with their strengths as well as allows for more transferable skill development and engagement. Additionally, Soceana allows for increased employee retention through building stronger communities within the office through employee-led event planning as well as betters synergies within the community through intercompany collaborative events. Through messaging and photo-upload features, companies will have enhanced intra-company communication methods as well as increased public awareness of service participation. Soceana also provides a platform for both differentiation from other firms through this shift to long-term, active CSR initiatives as well as strategic advertising directly to relevant consumers via the site. Finally, Soceana enables better brand and consumer loyalty and creates a strong drive toward really making a difference in the community.